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Hi there, that’s us

five women from different background and colours:


Anna-Carina Kruse, grew up close to Lüneburg and currently lives in Hamburg. She spent altogether two years in Indonesia. Initiator of the waytooindo-project, established in October 2015.

So far, she is lucky to be supported by old & newly-made friends contributing into her pool of cross-cultural information.




Theresia Citra Ardiati, born and raised in Yogyakarta, Java. Currently lives in Hamburg.

Co-initiator of waytooindo, she just passed her Ausbildung in Germany, loves fashion and good Indonesian food.





Mariska Ajeng Harini, born and raised in Tangerang, Jakarta. An intelligent urban fellow from downtown, a Kebon Jahe-Kid living in Hamburg.

She loves watching the stars, is an expert in German linguistics and a good friend of Anna.





Rohmatul Ummah, born and raised in Sidoarjo, known as „prawn town“. She studied German literature in Indonesia and currently lives in Surabaya.

She is a creative & guest writer for waytooindo.





Shantika Dwi Yuningtyas, born and raised in Yogyakarta. Trained midwife, currently lives and works in Stuttgart.

Guest writer for waytooindo.





Ajeng Prananingtya, born and raised Solo, now studies in Yogyakarta. Ever since interested in Europe and Germany.

Thus she studies German Language Education & is guest writer for waytooindo.




Are you interested in contributing an article too? Ayo, jangan malu – come and join us.

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